We've extended our Quote validity period

After feedback from a number of our advisers, we've decided to extend our Quote validity period with immediate effect. Previously, quotes were valid for 60 days - we have now doubled this so that your quotes will be valid for 120 days.

We're delighted to implement the change, which will apply to all quotes produced from today, as we know this is something that many of you were asking for. The extension to our Quote validity period will now help to prevent things like mortgage application delays from ruling your quotes invalid. Please note that you may start policies up to 60 days from the submission date.

A breakdown of the Quote validity period extension

  • A saved quote or illustration will now be valid for 120 days. 
  • The policy start date must be within 60 days of the submission date, so - for instance - a policy submitted on day 19 can start up to 60 days after the day the application is submitted on (i.e. 79 days from quote date).  
  • A policy submitted 119 days after the quote date can start up to 60 days after the application is submitted on (i.e. 179 days from quote date).

Additional changes

We've also made a small change to your quote results screen. You'll now have the ability to save quotes (i.e. bind them to the 120 day quote validity period) without having to answer all of our eligibility questions. Underneath the select button, you'll find a new link which allows you to save the quote directly in the quote results screen - so that you can return to this at a later date. The date that the quote is valid until is then displayed on this screen.