'My insurer wouldn't pay out when our home flooded' - Insurance Horror Stories

Back in 2014, the area of Moorland, in Somerset, was devastated by flooding. 120 homes were left submerged, as flood waters rose up to a metre in a matter of minutes, leading to the community being evacuated for their safety.

Once the water dispersed, and homeowners returned to their flood-ravaged properties, attentions turned to getting lives back on track and claiming on insurance policies.

Imagine then, after going through such an ordeal, to be told that your Home Insurance policy is void due to a technicality.

That's exactly what happened to the May family, whose policy was voided by their insurer because they didn't declare a drain near their house.

The cost of low quality cover...

The sad thing is that this is common when it comes to low quality Home Insurance, particularly from comparison sites, where unknowing homeowners will be punished for not being insurance experts and being unaware of what should or shouldn't be specified.

That's why, at Uinsure, we have an extremely simple question set that won't trip your clients up. It's just 16 questions long and, with reference to flooding, we only ask if your client's property has ever flooded before or if they’ve had to take measures to prevent flooding.

In the case of the May family's claim, I'm glad to say that Uinsure would have paid out the full amount.