Insurance Horror Stories - Our terrifying area of focus for October where YOU could be the star!

Being billed £50,000 for a flood, despite not owning the house. An escape of water that led to the discovery of asbestos. Leaving a chip pan unattended and coming back to find the kitchen in flames...

When it comes to Home Insurance, there are a number of scenarios that make you wince when you hear them, but, there's lots to be learned from them.

That's why, this month, we're making it our mission to share these horror stories with you - in the hope that it can help your clients to avoid their own horrifying insurance scenarios!

Do you have an insurance horror story to tell and want to promote your firm in the process?

We're going to be speaking to a number of advisers and homeowners this month, with the intention of filming their insurance horror stories.

Is this something you or your clients would like to get involved in?

Your firm will be promoted in the process, across email and our social media channels, and your stories can help homeowners from suffering their own insurance nightmares.

We'd only need half an hour of your time at most, and the filming would be really casual - it won't be anything like a Newsnight style grilling!

To register your interest, or to find out more information, please drop us an email at: