Spook-Proof Your Home: A Guide to Keeping Your Home Safe at Halloween

Malicious damage claims increase by around 20% at Halloween so we’ve prepared a little guidance for how you can keep your home safe at this time of year.

Outdoor Lighting

A well-lit exterior is one of the most best ways to keep unwanted visitors away. If you can, make sure pathways, driveways, and entry points are well-lit. If you have access to motion-activated lighting this will both save energy and also give a bit of a surprise to anyone who approaches your property.


Be a good neighbour

Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on each other’s properties. If the family goes out trick or treating and leaves sweets by the door this is a giveaway for many that no one is home.


Keep Pets Safe

Halloween and then bonfire night can be overwhelming for pets, so it’s essential to keep them safe. Secure them in a quiet, comfortable area away from the front door to prevent them from escaping or getting anxious due to the constant doorbell ringing and visitors and stay with them for as long as you can.

Decorations and Safety

Decorations are an essential part of Halloween for many but it’s vital to make sure flames and candles don’t become serious hazards. Use flameless candles or LED lights in your pumpkins to avoid additional risk.


Door Security

It’s obviously important to keep windows locked but smart doorbells have show up in popularity in recent years too and are a great form of added protection. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peak of your trick or treaters…


Secure Gates and Fences

Check that your gates and fences are in good condition as they’re the first hurled for any uninvited guests.


Window Shopping

If you get tonnes of trick or treaters then you’ll also have plenty of people getting up close to your house. Keep valuable objects out of sight just in case you’re unfortunate enough to have someone who’s up to no good snooping around…


But above all – have fun. Despite malicious damage claims increasing at this time of year, they’re still rare and with good preparation you can minimise any risk.


Happy Halloween!

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