Why specialist insurance is becoming standard practice

By Lauren Bagley

The property market is becoming increasingly diverse, both in respect of home and landlord types. Homeowners and landlords alike are becoming more adventurous with their own developments and renovations meaning an increasing number of insurance queries are falling out of what is deemed to be ‘standard’.

There is also, too, disparity between how advisers perceive the landscape to be, what is reality and how advisers can actually serve these insurance risks.

With the current technology capabilities of price comparison websites, there are increasing numbers of property risks that can’t be protected instantly via an online search for insurance, such as unoccupied properties, holiday homes and different methods of construction.

And then for landlords, with a massive 85% of private rental properties in the UK being part of a portfolio, these clients are seeking ways to reduce their insurance spend and consolidate policies, meaning opportunities for advisers to support with property portfolio insurance are growing, too.

Such is the advance in intermediary technology, which far exceeds what is available directly to the consumer, these are all client needs that can be served by advisers who can provide valuable cover for multiple properties, non-standard, commercial lets and blocks of flats through the familiar Uinsure Adviser Platform.

The same basic principles to generating quotes for clients apply and, fortunately, intermediary technology now exists that means with simple training, advisers can get both the confidence and know-how to operate in these spaces.

Traditionally, these journeys have been very time-consuming but by integrating them into our platform, advisers are able to apply in as little as 90 seconds with simplified, intuitive quote journeys that are reflective of Uinsure’s market-leading mainstream home and BTL experiences.

The housing and property market won’t stand still and tech that supports the insurance industry will need to undergo ongoing evolution to ensure it keeps progressing with the times. The new ‘AirBnB’ may be just around the corner and by easily expanding areas of expertise, firms from across the UK have the very real opportunity to expand their income streams as client needs continue to evolve.

Those that do make this small leap into the new give their businesses opportunity for growth and longevity in what is an ever-changing market.

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